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A new Prologue for 52C

January 30, 2017

It’s been some time since I’ve written anything, life (mainly ill health) kept getting in the way. However I’m still re-wording my 52c stories with a hope that one day they will be published. A number of editors have expressed that my prologue was too long, so here is my shortened version. I’d love some feedback…. thanks


I am 52C.

Within my place life thrives in its own unique way, a magical way.
Maybe that’s why Google Maps doesn’t know I exist.
For on their map I’m an empty space.
Other houses border my land, and are marked 52, 52A, 52B and 54.

My space should be marked 52C.

I exist on a street where lawns are lush, gardens clipped and paths swept. Nothing dares be out of place, and nothing is.
Except for me.
My presence sprawls beyond the mapped council limits. Neighbours mutter that chaos inhabits my land, without boundaries of concrete and weed killer.

Much of what they say is true, my garden’s life spills forth, my house a home for possums, bush rats, mice, spiders, noisy miners and owls.

My trees provide shelter for birds where constant treetop chatter drowns out the noise of suburban taming machines, of lawn mowers and whipper snippers.

When kids increase their speed as they approach, they know that the raised roots of my trees will send their bike wheels twisting and spinning as they whoop with joy.

Mr and Mrs Jones were the last people who lived within me. They worked as anthropologists, unearthing and nurturing my magic, filling my yard and house with cultural items collected during their travels. Masks, a fountain, a large buoy, books, and many other curious things.

Now my magic runs strong through these objects, transforming them into portals back to the cultures who created them.


a new beginning for Adventures from 52C

March 7, 2015

I would love someone to read this beginning and compare it to the last blog’s introduction. Which is better. Thanks

   I am Fifty-two-C.

   Within my place life thrived, in its own unique way.   

I was aware when kids riding bikes increased their speed as they approached me, the raised roots of my trees sending their bikes twisting at irregular angles.

Neighbours said, things lived within me without boundaries of concrete and weed killer.

Even Google maps didn’t recognise my existence. No marked 52c, just a seemingly empty lot.

Much of what they say is true.

My garden and house are over grown. I am a very old piece of land. And could tell you many stories.

It is by my magic, Maya travels.

So Maya’s adventure is my story to tell. 

Black Dog

February 12, 2013

The Black dog has prevented me from writing a plog, for some time.

My life continues, I have now written two complete and one partial story where a child or two, wonder into 52c, (see prologue, below) touch an object which becomes a portal to real place such as Timbuktu in Mali or Bacolod in the Philippines, where they have unique experiences. I am in the process of looking for a children’s editor who will help me make the stories grammatically and logical correct and therefore hopefully appealing to a publisher. An area I feel very insecure because of past and present experiences with Dyslexia.

I now have a fourth adventure in mind; created from my recent month in Ethiopia and their Christmas celebration amongst the carved stone churches of Lalibela  which they celebrate on the 7th January (I plan on writing a separate blog about this amazing experience in the very near future)


52c was a place where life thrived, in their individual way. A place so unusual that even google maps, didn’t recognize its existence, where number 52c should have been marked there was just an absolutely empty lot.

But 52c was a block in a street like any other.

A street, where lawns were mowed, gardens clipped, paths swept and households knew what was expected; nothing would dare to be out of place and nothing was.

Except 52c, sprawling its presence beyond the council marked boundary.

 Kids riding bikes increased their speed as they approached 52c, the raised roots of its trees sending their bikes at irregular angles. Mothers with babies crying in prams would roll the prams back and forwards over the roots, knowing but not understanding why, their babies soon fell asleep.  Even from a distance, the overhanging plants appeared alive, with their branches reaching out to touch those who dared to pause too close.

The trees of 52c provided a shelter for birds, where constant treetop chatter, would drown out the noise of surrounding suburban taming machines, of Lawn mowers and whipper snippers.

It was unsettling, neighbors said, things lived at 52c without boundaries of concrete and weed killer.

These days I am more aware of how damaging people’ preconceptions are, especially when they affect how people interrelate with each other. Through my stories I hope to empower fringe people (those that for or reason or another do not feel that they belong), that they are of wonderful value.




Raising money for education in Timor

October 12, 2012

Timor Leste is a young country having gained independence in 2002. As a young country it has many challenges, specifically how to finance the education of a growing population.

Mount St. Benedict is a Good Samaritan Girls College with a strong association with Sister Rita and the Our Lady of Lourdes High School in Railaco.

In June two teachers from MSB, Donna Dempsey and Anita Howard travelled to Railaco one hour south of Dili, to run an Art Program with students. What they found was a classroom of 51 students, crowded into a room with blank concrete walls and no resources. It was also soon evident that most of the students had never experienced any form of painting with brushes. They were overwhelmed and excited with the opportunity to express themselves with a range of art materials.

Mount St. Benedict is honoured to exhibit works from this community at Railaco, Timor Leste, together with artworks created by students and members of the College Community.

The exhibition will be held on Monday the 22nd October 2012 at the College, starting at 7 pm. All artworks will be available for sale on the evening with proceeds going to buy resources for the Our Lady of Lourdes Community at Railaco. Entry is by donation. Please RSVP your attendance via the College Website:

In January Anita Howard travelled with two other teachers to Same in Timor Leste sponsored by Broken Bay and Parramatta diocese.  Through the East Timor Teacher Placement Program, teachers from the surrounding area attended an eight day English language workshop.

“I returned in February from Timor Leste with memories of teachers desperate for professional development and resources for their students. After my experience with Donna in June at Our Lady of Lourdes Community at Railaco my awareness of the educational needs in Timor Leste has intensified. I hope that with the sale of artworks at this exhibition, some much needed resources can be purchased.” Anita

Art Exhibition invitation

The Art of Meditation…

September 27, 2012

The Art of Meditation….

pick find it very difficult to shut down my mind, so images such as these might help me. though I feel people meditate through different processes. I find I am in a meditative zone when I am creating an artwork

August 22, 2012

As I wondered around looking for the ‘ideal’ subject, I recall a quote from Cezanne “One had to immerse oneself in one’s surroundings and intensely study nature or one’s subject to understand how to recreate it.” (Paul Cezanne)

Before I place my pen on the paper:

I often found myself sitting watching scenes before me unfold and change with different people, cats, dog, birds, narrow lanes, collection of roofs, small porches, washing, groups of people with interesting and expressive body language etc



Each location had its own unique charm

Carrara with marble gutters;  small hill town such as Altore where we were entertained by the infant class dancing and singing songs; the Cinque Terre each with their own combination of colourful buildings, cats, fishing boats and friendly locals;

Pisa’s Museum of the Sinopias captivated me with its remnants of past frescos; Pontremoli with its castle containing pre- Etruscan figures; Florence and Sienna where every turn is so filled  with visual stimulation; Petra Santra with its medieval walls and guitar music; Lucca surrounded by its Ancient Roman wall and filled with winding narrow street, churches and markets;

San Gimignano where at night wandering through the narrow cobbled lanes lit scarcely, you are transported into a medieval time and during the day as with other towns every corner turned, reveals fascinating views;

Bargo narrow winding streets between houses of yellow, pink and orange and our last town was Bagmone with its ancient bridge leading up to the 981 BC castle from which a breath taking panorama unfolds.

August 9, 2012

I feel as an Australian proud of our athletes no matter where they come. The dedication they have demonstrated and perseverance is admirable.

However, 2 aspects I find distressing

1… people complaining of the lack of medals, in the big scheme does it really matter?

2… the suggestion that more money should be provided for the athletes. In a world where there are so many people without adequate house, food, medical care and education.

I ask the question what the Olympics are really about or should be about


For our nation and others where are our priorities?


Writing group

July 19, 2012

Recently I did a creative writing course, at the end of the course most of us decided we would like to continue to meet and support and encourage each others writing. I had the first meeting in my home where we shared what we had written since the course and any other events/ issues related to writing. There was one amoungst us who had been brave enough to submit her story to a publisher.

Well tonight is our second meeting, it will be interesting to see what others have been doing.

I plan on reading a piece that I have written for an online course I am currently doing with the Sydney Writter’s center. I am both keen and anxiouse to see their responses.

For now I must feed my 2 hungry cats

I’m Anita Howard

July 17, 2012

I am a work in progress, moulded by varied experiences, from cancer, gifts of dyslexia, child rearing to exploring Timbuktu. The progress is ongoing to where I do not know and have learnt not to presume.

A friend suggested that some of my experiences might be of interest to others, so earlier in the year I set off bravely into a world I had never entered before. I had problems….

  •  I tried to set up my blog on an ipad (which I was still attempting to understand and master!)
  • People I work with and my sons would tell you that my brain does NOT naturally work well in ‘the land of IT’. I grew up with my parents regularly saying “Don’t touch that; you’ll break  it”
  • I started to create my blog, but I was interrupted by a telephone call

As a consequence of the above, out there in ’the land of IT’ there is an incorrectly spelt blog title with a simple one sentence and there it will remain as I have no way to capture it, to tame or delete it.

So I have (wisely) started a blogging course with the NSW Writers’ Society, under the very patient guidance of Will Kostakis.

Andy Warhol (an American Pop artist) once said ‘everyone will be famous for 15 minutes in their life time’. I will be happy for 3.5 minutes of fame when someone reads and responds to my blog, and then returns to read more.

I should add that because of my Dyslexia, there may be at times some creative spelling, but one thing life has taught me is that I cannot let this ‘gift’ stop me.

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