As I wondered around looking for the ‘ideal’ subject, I recall a quote from Cezanne “One had to immerse oneself in one’s surroundings and intensely study nature or one’s subject to understand how to recreate it.” (Paul Cezanne)

Before I place my pen on the paper:

I often found myself sitting watching scenes before me unfold and change with different people, cats, dog, birds, narrow lanes, collection of roofs, small porches, washing, groups of people with interesting and expressive body language etc



Each location had its own unique charm

Carrara with marble gutters;  small hill town such as Altore where we were entertained by the infant class dancing and singing songs; the Cinque Terre each with their own combination of colourful buildings, cats, fishing boats and friendly locals;

Pisa’s Museum of the Sinopias captivated me with its remnants of past frescos; Pontremoli with its castle containing pre- Etruscan figures; Florence and Sienna where every turn is so filled  with visual stimulation; Petra Santra with its medieval walls and guitar music; Lucca surrounded by its Ancient Roman wall and filled with winding narrow street, churches and markets;

San Gimignano where at night wandering through the narrow cobbled lanes lit scarcely, you are transported into a medieval time and during the day as with other towns every corner turned, reveals fascinating views;

Bargo narrow winding streets between houses of yellow, pink and orange and our last town was Bagmone with its ancient bridge leading up to the 981 BC castle from which a breath taking panorama unfolds.


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  1. pixelrites Says:

    Love the random thoughts and drawings. Thanks

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