Inspiring Travel

Sketch book filled with drawings of Italy

One of my greatest pleasures is traveling, viewing and experiencing the many different cultures and scenes on offer. Many of my trips have been with University groups or as a volunteer teacher; both creating interesting possibilities and greater deeps of experiences.

Before each trip I construct my own sketch book (using a multi section format). Then as I stop to sip coffee, water, wine, listen to a guide or appreciate the panorama in front of me, I draw. Attempting to capture scenes, for future ‘trips down memory lane’ or ideas for a painting.

This section of my blog is an opportunity for me to share some of my drawing and experiences

I’ll start with my trip with a group of artists to the Tuscany region of Italy, where we would be delivered to a small hilltop town or a larger town to spend the day as we wished. This for most of us was an opportunity to walk through the streets and find that special view to capture. The usual problem was we were spoilt for choice.

Over the coming blog I will share some of our experiences


One Response to “Inspiring Travel”

  1. pixelrites Says:

    Look forward to hearing of your travels. I love your sketch book!

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