I’m Anita Howard

I am a work in progress, moulded by varied experiences, from cancer, gifts of dyslexia, child rearing to exploring Timbuktu. The progress is ongoing to where I do not know and have learnt not to presume.

A friend suggested that some of my experiences might be of interest to others, so earlier in the year I set off bravely into a world I had never entered before. I had problems….

  •  I tried to set up my blog on an ipad (which I was still attempting to understand and master!)
  • People I work with and my sons would tell you that my brain does NOT naturally work well in ‘the land of IT’. I grew up with my parents regularly saying “Don’t touch that; you’ll break  it”
  • I started to create my blog, but I was interrupted by a telephone call

As a consequence of the above, out there in ’the land of IT’ there is an incorrectly spelt blog title with a simple one sentence and there it will remain as I have no way to capture it, to tame or delete it.

So I have (wisely) started a blogging course with the NSW Writers’ Society, under the very patient guidance of Will Kostakis.

Andy Warhol (an American Pop artist) once said ‘everyone will be famous for 15 minutes in their life time’. I will be happy for 3.5 minutes of fame when someone reads and responds to my blog, and then returns to read more.

I should add that because of my Dyslexia, there may be at times some creative spelling, but one thing life has taught me is that I cannot let this ‘gift’ stop me.


4 Responses to “I’m Anita Howard”

  1. Chris Hunter Says:

    Brilliant! Looking forward to reading much more.

  2. Ernie Gerzabek Says:

    I just met you on facebook, and just looked up this blog of yours, and i find your utterances it interesting and worthwhile. I will explore more, as your actions and writing appeals to me. To reassure you I am no cyber stalker or worse, check out my web http://www.AbstractLandscapePaintings.com . Cheers.

  3. Elizabeth Dunger Says:

    Well done Anita- your blog is very interesting and I enjoyed reading it- keep up the great work and enjoy!

  4. Viki Lysenko Says:

    Hi Anita, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Your writing just flows & it’s as though you are just talking to us. The writing pieces about the cat & the sick girl at school painted pictures for me. I wish you’d write more especially about the school girl as it made me really curious about what would happen next. As far as spelling problems go it seems to me that many writers have this trouble! It seems to me it’s the story that counts. Please keep writing.

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